Empty room, a flat next to Giza Plateau, Cairo. I’m glancing to the window, and my eyes meet Khofo (greek. Kheops), the legendary great pyramid of Giza Necropolis, built over 4000 years ago. Staring at the breath taking view, I take a seat after a long travel, suddenly hearing the sound of running horses outside on the pavement. A lot of them, at once. My exhaustion disappears and I get fascinated by the moment, pick up my violin and start to play….3 hours later I have written the melody for the track that I decided to call …

Desert Runner.¬†It has many influences in its expressive palette. There is an electric bass beat to make it fit to a club/dance scenario. On the other hand, the track has a natural, close-to-earth vocal set from an impressive jazz singer Maria Gertsjak from Estonia. Her melismatic singing on the track a great deal of expression with a mysterious tone, which for me, is that special something to bring Giza’s ancient stories to life, with myths and tales from the Pharaonic era. The violin itself plays a brisk role reminiscent of a river dance style, with lots of jumpy and repetitive figures. This element of the track, for me, essentially represents the running of the horses.

I am dedicating this piece for a dear friend, who is a runner, athlete, dancer, and a parkourist making incredibly agile moves in the surroundings of the windy desert land and its rocky edges. He suggested me that the track could be fit to parkour, a kind of extreme sport where you make daring moves to make your way through any obstacles. That’s pretty exciting…especially when you have great pyramids on your way!!! The wind that appears on the track as a special effect, is a symbol of him in the music. ūüėÄ I loved the time I spent on the Giza desert to learn so many facts and secrets of the place. I heard for example, that in the area many people still believe in the ancient Egyptian gods!

I would love to hear your impression of the TEASER of Desert Runner available in the Magic Violin -FB-page and Sound Cloud…please have a listen and comment!

with Love for Muhammad Ibrahim.

DesertRunner TEASER




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