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One of the year’s ultimate highlights was the international gymnastics festival Gymnaestrada – held for the 15th time, now in Helsinki, on July 2015. Organised by the gymnastic associations worldwide, it gathers together the top teams of the world with their breath taking programmes, and the event takes place every 4th year. This time in Helsinki, the count for participants was 21 000! The so called “Nordic Evening” on 14th July had a multiplet champion team Olarin Voimistelijat performing their show, which had a special feature: musician and singer on stage! ūüôā the splendid and difficult coreography was made by team’s trainer – Anneli Laine-N√§√§t√§nen – who also requested a specially recorded music track from me and desired us to be on stage to motivate the performers and entertain the audiences.

The performance, where I had to carefully mingle amongst the gymnast girls with the baritone Markus Nieminen, was a great success and ended the gala show in an amazingly graceful and serene way. The broadcasted video clip is no longer functioning, but you can always listen to the track of music they used (find it on this site under “Music” by name “Piece of Finland”), and imagine the rest by glancing at the still photos of the show…

Thank you Eduard van Vugt for the story in Aviisi, the journal of Netherland-Finland Association in Netherlands!

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