Hello Friends!

It’s time to tell you about my album The Magic Violin. The aim of the album is to shed light to a few things – firstly, to my experience and journey as a freelancer violinist. Secondly, to the versatility of violin as an instrument adaptable to many cultures worldwide, popular in countless different styles and genres from classical, etno, jazz…you name it. I hope to surprise you with the beauty and flexibility of my instrument.

Each instrumental piece in Magic Violin carries a small individual story. These background stories will open a window for you into the music making process, and hopefully keep you curious and spellbound about the album. I will also represent a few important professionals involved in the production of the pieces, so You will get to see who’s working in my team and get to know their special features. I will be glad to answer any questions from you concerning the production, or simply chat with you about music and life in general.


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Looking forward to hear from you!