ALBUM REVIEWED by Robert Steven Silverstein, from

“In addition to their ever evolving jazz and rock culture, the country of Finland has a rich history of both classical and world music. A good example of a modern album that combines instrumental jazz and classical vibes can be heard on Magic Violin, the 2016 CD by Finnish classical artist, Mervi Myllyoja. It is true that the late, great Finnish composer Pekka Pohjola was a skillful violinist although he only played that instrumenta on the early Wigwam albums and his first solo album from 1973. Picking up from where Pohjola’s classical inclinations left off, Mervi’s album is filled with wonderful instrumental tracks that will appeal to both fusion ears and classical fans with an open mind. Featuring Mervi covering works by esteemed Finnish composers and famous classical masters such as Johannes Brahms, Magic Violin features Mervi in the studio backed up by a number of excellent Finnish musicians including Juha Lanu (guitars) and bass player Eero Heinonen, who also composed the CD closing title track. The eight track album clocks in just under 29 minutes but the studio sound is excellent and Mervi’s liner notes describes the meaning and the message behind her “Magic Violin”.”