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Finnish Violinist Mervi performing for China Finland Year of Winter Sports in Beijing

Mervi Myllyoja

Mervi Myllyoja is a violinist performing and teaching in Helsinki, Finland. She is known for her versatile crossover style and has collaborated with top rated artists around the world. Mervi is experienced in various music genres, has an extraordinary skill for improvisation and a passion for making original arrangements and compositions. Rooted and educated as classical musician, she also plays and performs the standard violin repertoire performing frequently in Finland and abroad.

Classical 100%
Folk 80%
Cinematic 80%
Jazz 70%



Short and dynamic, tailored soundtracks with featured solo violin. Best suited for short films, dance shows, sports performances & fashion exhibitions. Most noticable achievement was a customized soundtrack curated for the Lumineers Synchronized Skating team’s performance in Beijing in 2019. The event was organized by the states of China and Finland and broadcasted worldwide through China’s state channel CCTV5.  This collaboration with Lumineers team was further extended by arranging the famous Myrskyluodon Maija – a theme by Lasse Mårtenson as their show soundtrack for their competition short program in Leon Lurje Trophy in February 2020.

Mervi with Lumineers Synchronized Skating
Mervi performing at Valtra Oy's product launch


Live violin performances for private and public occasions. Works best when paired with a piano (classical program), guitar (semi-classical program) or even with a band (crossover & combined program). Recently payed at Valtra Oy’s product launch event in Sully sur Loire, France. The event was organised at a medieval castle’s front yard, with a buffet for company’s guests and associates. Finnish cultural heritage was portrayed via well known Finnish classics along with pieces from the French genre.


In partnership with Virva Garam, a professional Pianist, recitals typically span 45-60 mins, and can be organised in premises with a piano or grand piano inside. The duo plays tailormade arrangements such as the recent album M&V “Celebrating Finland 100 years” which showcased a mix of Finnish and Hungarian classical music. The duo also garnered fame for playing arrangements from widely recognized pieces like “Säkkijärven polkka” with a dash of Karelian elements at the Karelian Summer Festival in Jyväskylä (2017).

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