Mervi & Virva “Celebrating Finland 100 years”  in for a music video

Hello! It’s been about half a year since the publication of our M & V -album, and we are about to pack our bags for a video shoot trip to Athens! The track concerned is one of the most typically Finnish tracks in the album. Our music video will be directed by young, talented actress and filmmaker
Maria Raptaki. We are very excited, since she has got a diverse professional profile and has an impressive list of international projects in her CV… Give it a try and guess, which track we are going to film on…Did you already get our album from the store? If not, you can order it HERE


Osallistuin v. 2016 Tarja Turusen “Brightest Void”-rockalbumin tekoon. Tarja, jonka kanssa olen saanut työskennellä useana vuonna, inspiroi minua suuresti mystisellä äänellään, ja onnistuin yhdessä sellisti Max Liljan kanssa luomaan taianomaisen jousimaiseman sooloineen Paul McCartneyn eeppisen “House of Wax” -kappaleen cover-versioon:


Today my new album “The Shadow Self” is out.

We made it together with Alissa White-Gluz – Official Page, Toni Turunen, Michael Monroe, Fernando Scarcella, Chad Smith, Mike Terrana, Alex Scholpp, Julián Barrett, Nicolas Polo Baterista Argentino, Pit Barrett, Jim Dooley, Kevin Chown,Doug Wimbish, Anders Wollbeck, Christian Kretschmar, Guillermo De Medio, Izumi Kawakatsu, Max Lilja ( The Official ), Luis Conte, Bart Hendrickson, Mervi Violin, Miguel Ricardo Borzi, Mel Wesson, Within Temptation, Tim Palmer at ’62 Studios, Atli Örvarsson, Jetro Vainio, Torsten Stenzel, Mario Altamirano, Daniel Willy, Charlie Waymire, Alexander Krull (Official), Justin Shturtz at Sterling Sound, Estudio PUNTO-Eugenio Mazzinghi-, Ricardo Pasin, Maia Rohrer, Büro Dirk Rudolph, Nordenfeldt, Sirja Tiilikainen, Tim Tronckoe photography. Thank you all for your art.

From today on “The Shadow Self” and its prequel album “The Brightest Void” belong to the fans.