Tuesday 21st May 2019 at 6pm –  BRICCO CLUB

Cosy and chill evening at Winebar Bricco with guitarist and singer Juha Lanu featuring Mervi in violin.
The duo has appeared in numerous prestigious events, and got to know each other while playing in the 50 years gala concert of Jari Sillanpää in Helsinki Stadion in 2015. In Bricco, the duo will play jazz standards, Finnish popular favourites, swing – and for sure a couple of Italian cinema music hits.

Welcome to enjoy in our company at Bricco!

TICKETS: free entrance
VENUE: BRICCO Italian Winebar, Annankatu 22

Mervi – Photo by KUUBI /Jussi Partanen

Thursday 9.8.2018 at 6pm ‘NIGHT BY THE SEA’ – at Hietsun Paviljonki

Evening concert, with Mervi & Virva playing their M&V celebrating Finland 100 years-album program. Concert marks the publication of duo’s DVD release “Night by the Sea”, conveniently at the seaside – in Hietsun Paviljonki located at Hietaniemi beach in Helsinki centre. Limited amount of tickets.
Concert starts at 6pm  (duration: 1 hr)                          Concert Venue: Hiekkarannantie 9, 00100 Helsinki
Have a Chat with the Artists right after concert at 8pm, on Meritalli terrace     (address: Merikannontie 2)

We recommend to get Your tickets in advance!

Buy a special offer package with TICKET + CD
Buy a special offer package with TICKET + DVD

(Tickets also available at the door half an hour before the event.)


Saturday 29.9.2018 A Concert Ball + Buffet in Vyborg Pyöreä Torni – restaurant. Vyborg / Russia

Mervi Myllyoja & Virva Garam are playing their new album program at Viipuri Pyöreä Torni-restaurant, in its annual concert ball organised by Karjalanliitto. Opera singer Henrik Lamberg will also be performing at the occasion.

Sign up / reserve your tickets by contacting Karjalan Liitto Office by email or phone:
toimisto@karjalanliitto.fi /  09 7288 170. Limited amount of tickets.

SU 11.03.2018 klo 15 AGORA RY – Helsingin Saksalainen Kirkko

Mervi Myllyoja & Virva Garam

la 17.02.2018 klo 21 TANGO FROSTBITE – Gala Milonga KAAPELITEHTAALLA

Ville Hiltula – kvartetti soittaa solistinaan argentiinalainen tangotähti Martin Alvarado! Viulusooloissa Mervi Myllyoja & Janne Tateno

Liput ovelta 25€ – Kaapelitehdas/Pannuhalli, Hki