Thursday 9.8.2018 at 6pm ‘NIGHT BY THE SEA’ – at Hietsun Paviljonki

Evening concert, with Mervi & Virva playing their M&V celebrating Finland 100 years-album program. Concert marks the publication of duo’s DVD release “Night by the Sea”, conveniently at the seaside – in Hietsun Paviljonki located at Hietaniemi beach in Helsinki centre. Limited amount of tickets.
Concert starts at 6pm  (duration: 1 hr)                          Concert Venue: Hiekkarannantie 9, 00100 Helsinki
Have a Chat with the Artists right after concert at 8pm, on Meritalli terrace     (address: Merikannontie 2)

We recommend to get Your tickets in advance!

Buy a special offer package with TICKET + CD
Buy a special offer package with TICKET + DVD

(Tickets also available at the door half an hour before the event.)


Saturday 29.9.2018 A Concert Ball + Buffet in Vyborg Pyöreä Torni – restaurant. Vyborg / Russia

Mervi Myllyoja & Virva Garam are playing their new album program at Viipuri Pyöreä Torni-restaurant, in its annual concert ball organised by Karjalanliitto. Opera singer Henrik Lamberg will also be performing at the occasion.

Sign up / reserve your tickets by contacting Karjalan Liitto Office by email or phone: /  09 7288 170. Limited amount of tickets.

SU 11.03.2018 klo 15 AGORA RY – Helsingin Saksalainen Kirkko

Mervi Myllyoja & Virva Garam

la 17.02.2018 klo 21 TANGO FROSTBITE – Gala Milonga KAAPELITEHTAALLA

Ville Hiltula – kvartetti soittaa solistinaan argentiinalainen tangotähti Martin Alvarado! Viulusooloissa Mervi Myllyoja & Janne Tateno

Liput ovelta 25€ – Kaapelitehdas/Pannuhalli, Hki