Mervi is a talented violinist with a versatile style to fit any music genre; her lively playing suits for brisk folk tunes as well as delicate jazz melodies. Her talent lies in elaborating the music to fit her passionate and colorful performance style; she has chosen a professional path completely unique – rooted firmly in the classical foundation – arranging exotic melodies of her own choice into delicious pieces of music. She also masters the art of improvisation and composes her own original pieces.

Mervi’s artistry has convinced the audiences of festivals and concerts in Finland and abroad. She has appeared as a soloist and guest star on highly valued venues such as Mikkeli Music Festival, Helsinki Bach-weeks, Tall Ships Race, Hermopolia Festival in Greece,Internationale Meisterkonzerte, Perm International Organ Festival in Russia, New Year’s Concert in St. Joseph’s Cathedral in Bonn-Beuel, Germany and many others.

Mervi works as a teacher, soloist, studio musician, composer and arranger.
She is frequently on stage in popular music shows/TV shows as well as with outstanding world class stars like the concert organist Kalevi Kiviniemi or rock singer Tarja Turunen – to whom she has been an appointed solo violinist on her Christmas Tours in Europe and Finland since 2011.

Mervi has a strong vocation as an artist who wants to share love through playing music and contribute to people in need; she has organized charity events and performed in Finland and abroad contributing to the elderly people’s house in Finland and children’s education in Greece.

Mervi is a well known foreign artist in Cairo, Egypt, where she made her debute in 2013 appearing in live concerts and TV from the context of her music video release in 2013, representing a cover hit from a famous rock Cairokee. The band, that was nominated for MTV EMA in 2014, identified as people’s voice during the 2011 revolution in Egypt. Mervi speaks four foreign languages apart from her mother tongue (Finnish). She has a vision of music as a soft power in global conflicts, and she wishes to serve people seeking for an emotional relief at challenging times.

Mervi has released a single in 2013 (Siks oon mä suruinen / Magnum Music Oy) and is currently preparing a launch of an EP with a content of Finnish Music with an international angle. Her playing has been requested on the following artists’ albums: Tarja Turunen, Juha Uusitalo, Cairokee, Paleface, Liza l’Occitane, Mikko Helenius, Samuli Laiho and Tomas Höglund among many others. She has also played at brand conscious events for industries such as Radisson Blu Plaza, Suomen Messut, Maxim Holding and Valtra Oy.